• Transportation

    Houston should say yes to Uber and Lyft

    Houston residents want and need more transportation options, and the city shouldn't stand in the way of more competition, better technology and more efficient service — not to mention job creation.

  • Transportation

    Houston should say no to Uber and Lyft

    The Houston City Council should vote down the proposed overhaul of vehicle-for-hire regulations for one simple reason: equality. The taxi industry is ready for competition. But regulating only us isn't fair.

  • Transportation

    How to solve the Texas traffic problem


    It’s clear that Washington is the wrong place to look for help with our transportation problems. We must take matters into our own hands, and voting for Proposition 1 in November is just the first step.

Public Education

Living in two worlds as a black educator

As an African-American educator in Texas public schools, I’ve been viewed as both a token and a savior. Only when we start to look beyond teaching professionals’ race will we be able to do the same for students.


The case for compassion at the border

Our dysfunctional immigration system is overwhelmed and needs to be fixed, but is there not a place for mercy? People who just want a safe place to work and raise their families are not a threat to our nation. They're an asset.


A small-business owner's recipe for reform

Call me a hypocrite, but I don't support amnesty for all. As an immigrant and owner of a successful restaurant, however, I realize that we all need a helping hand sometimes. Here's how I would change the system.


Where are all the Latina Republicans?

There’s not a single female Hispanic Republican in the Texas Legislature or representing the state in Congress. That's troubling, but the first step toward fixing the problem is empowering all women.

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