• Politics

    Crossing the border into 2016

    The border crisis has been called a lot of things — a humanitarian problem, a policy failure, a reminder of the unpredictable nature of globalization. It's also a reminder that Texas is already playing an outsize role in the 2016 GOP presidential race.

  • Politics

    Where are all the Latina Republicans?


    There’s not a single female Hispanic Republican in the Texas Legislature or representing the state in Congress. That's troubling, but the first step toward fixing the problem is empowering all women.

  • Immigration

    We can do better, Gov. Perry


    We can follow our conscience and calmly accept the migrant children on the border in their hour of need. Or we can do what the governor has done by sending the National Guard: sensationalize a humanitarian crisis and prey on fears.


No end to crisis means Texas must act alone

After letting the crisis on the border fester for over a month, Washington is still barely doing anything to stem the tide of migrant children entering our country. Texas must act on its own now.


A redistricting case about more than redistricting

There’s little doubt that Texas' ongoing redistricting fight — which went to trial in San Antonio last week — will make law in a number of key ways. But it also has much bigger implications for voting rights advocates across the nation.

Public Education

The heartbreak of being a teacher in Texas

Like many Texas teachers, I love my work and my students, but time demands, low pay and standardized testing are taking a heavy toll. In August, I'll return for my fifth year in the classroom, but it may be my last. 


What a real conservative budget looks like

The state will likely have billions of dollars in excess tax revenue in its coffers next year. Instead of using that money to make government bigger, however, legislators must limit state spending growth. Here's how.

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