Building a better TribTalk

Photo by Marjorie Kamys Cotera

Noticed anything different about us lately?

As we’ve said before, we think the key to building a community here at TribTalk lies in the details. And a month after our launch, we’re still tweaking the site to make it even easier for you to read and share our content. 

Some of our small but significant new features include:

Search. Click on the magnifying glass next to the Twitter and Facebook links in the header to search the site by keyword, headline or author name.

Share by email. In addition to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can now share articles the old-fashioned way. 

Image optimization. Images can now be viewed more easily on any device.

By now we also know a little bit more about how users are consuming our content. Visitors to the site are reading roughly three articles per session, and about half of that traffic is coming from mobile devices. Our biggest traffic day this month was June 11, when we featured dueling columns on the Texas GOP platform’s new immigration plank: “We will not be suckered by elitist Republicans,” by George Rodriguez, and “Extremists are destroying our party,” by Artemio Muniz. 

You may have also seen that we're experimenting with new ways of promoting our content on social media, like highlighting provocative quotes from TribTalk pieces. Here is our most popular such "quotable card" to date, as measured by retweets:

Still see anything on the site that needs improving? Have any other feedback? Leave a comment or email us at [email protected]. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with our latest content, and don't forget that we're always accepting submissions from readers like you.

David Muto

Editor of TribTalk