Rural Texas highways give us a reliable path to the pump

Our almost unquenchable thirst for fuel has delivered great news on the job front, but it has also required rural highways to work overtime. Those roads are seeing far higher and heavier levels of traffic than they were designed to handle, not only from oil transports but also from myriad vehicles that support drilling operations. The result is big-city gridlock in rural locales.

Celebrity and Texas politics

For Democrats, who will certainly enjoy the fruits of this most recent harvest, it would be wise to tread cautiously into the next election cycle; they will not always have Superman on the ballot and a $70 million to fuel the effort.

The magic of the Rio Grande

My family’s trajectory is in many ways the story of South Texas. Non-citizens becoming citizens and forming families that bear generation after generation of Americans. This is the magic of the Rio Grande. Lately, people want to build walls on this river where I grew up.

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