• Disease knows no political party


    Texas Republican primary voters have a clear message for policymakers: They support vaccines and the power to prevent disease before it starts. Just like most Texans — regardless of political belief — they believe in vaccines.

  • Dallas DA must treat kids like kids

    Decisions to transfer youth to adult court should never be driven by politics or public pressure. Young people who come into contact with the legal system during their childhood and adolescence are more likely to lead successful lives and promote community safety when the juvenile justice system responds than when they are transferred to the adult criminal justice system.

To address mental health, reduce Texas’ uninsured rate

Providing much needed health care for hundreds of thousands of Texans would be a game changer at a time when many policy proposals are measured by the dozens or hundreds of Texans who would benefit. Its time for state leaders to make real progress on mental health by developing a plan to reduce our states high uninsured rate.

Texas, Mexico and the reality of economic partnership

The rhetoric of fear threatens to reverse the long-standing, successful economic relationship between Texas and Mexico. With intertwined economies skyrocketing since the 1994 enactment of NAFTA, a strong border relationship between Texas and Mexico has resulted in five million American jobs and a Texas surplus in trade for goods and services with Mexico.

Ethical responsibility and pride in America

The mission of the Grannies was to travel to McAllen to shed light on the immigrant atrocities our current administration has created at the border. When children are caged in detention facilities that resemble concentration camps, when children are neglected and abused in these facilities, when their desperate parents are treated as criminals, in my book these are atrocities.

Include business in the property tax debate

Property tax reform has been the topic of much debate and proposed legislation. We believe the answer is not as simple as a one-size-fits-all cap on tax rate increases or revenue, mandatory rollback elections, or a sole focus on homeowner property tax to exclusion of all other tax policy.

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