• The science on climate change is not settled


    Many view oil and gas as an antiquated energy source — a relic of the past that will soon be replaced with so-called "green" alternatives. However, when looking at our ever-growing need for energy, it quickly becomes very clear that fossil fuels are going to remain our primary source of energy for the foreseeable future.

  • The Texas House districts most vulnerable to flipping in 2018

    Even under an unlikely worst-case scenario for the Texas GOP, in January of 2019 the partisan distribution of forces in the Texas House would still be 82 Republicans to 68 Democrats. Today, a more realistic scenario would project a Republican delegation of between 87 and 93 representatives in 2019 and a Democratic delegation of between 57 and 63.

  • It’s time for Texans to focus on school finance

    Many of our state formulas for funding public schools do not fully account for over 30 years of population growth, demographic changes, economic trends, and increased expectations for student outcomes. Texas does not allot enough basic funding per student, especially those who require special or bilingual education.

The conflict between city code and state law

To what extent should local governments be entitled to legislative powers over the areas they are elected to represent? Who should local governments be accountable to: those who elected them or those who travel across the state to protest legally unenforceable local ordinances, such as previously existed in Olmos Park?

Earth Day 2018

Each year the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22. It began in 1970 after a large oil spill occurred off the California coast near Santa Barbara. Concerns about the environment were increasing at the time in the U.S., and Republican President Nixon created the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the same year.

Sex-ed must be “medically accurate and complete”

All in all, a new Texas sex education law is an improvement over the old abstinence-only program, which was both factually incorrect and prevented participating schools from moving beyond merely saying “don't do it.” Texas, the state with the highest repeat teen pregnancy rate in the nation, should welcome this new law requiring “medically accurate and complete” sex-ed.

Who can benefit from state-legal medical marijuana — and how

In recent weeks, state-licensed providers have opened for business under the state’s landmark Compassionate Use Act (Senate Bill 339), which allows qualified physicians to prescribe low-THC medical cannabis to patients diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. Many Texans are wondering how to go about qualifying for and obtaining medical cannabis under this law.

Powering The Future

There’s one source of clean energy that could power the earth for an unlimited amount of time: the sun. Unfortunately, harnessing its power through fusion has proven to be a daunting, near-impossible task because there have been no materials that could survive the conditions at the core of a fusion reactor. Until now.

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