• Senseless delays on DACA decision harms students and schools

    The story of Dreamers is the story of so many San Antonians before them — hopeful immigrants with a dogged determination to build a brighter future here, ambitious doers eager to contribute. And the story of San Antonio is the story of America — a land of immigrants whose contributions have enhanced its culture and boosted its prosperity.

  • Texas can do better


    I’m running for governor of Texas to bring back sanity and hope. Both have gone astray under Trump-style politicians, who divide us and preach an agenda of extremism.

  • Single-payer health insurance would harm rural patients


    Single payer is not the optimal route to progress but a path that would harm overlooked, small-town Americans who are desperate but unable to reach care. Instead of pursuing hyper-partisan legislation to mandate public coverage, Congress should seek insurance reforms with a bipartisan consensus, decreasing costs and increasing access to care.

License to carry concealed guns shouldn’t stop at the state line

The National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would ensure that people who can legally carry concealed firearms in their home state will also be able to legally carry in other states. It’s a no-brainer. Law enforcement officers should use their time and resources working to keep our streets safe from violence. They should not be targeting law-abiding citizens who merely cross state lines.

The Hackett Center for Mental Health will put sound policy into practice

The Houston and Gulf Coast region has faced a harrowing set of challenges over the past year, with Hurricane Harvey leaving much more than just physical damage in its wake. Such disasters can have lasting and harmful effects on the mental health of children, youth, and adults, which is why it's time to improve mental health access and quality in Harris County and the region.

Congress shouldn’t create more barriers

Fighting for ideals such as ensuring the inequality of people with disabilities has always been my focus. This is why I am gravely concerned about how U.S. House Republicans have crafted a bill, H.R. 620, undermining the accessibility guidelines for businesses that the Americans with Disabilities Act had created.

Texas Democrats are poised to win in 2018

There’s never a shortage of naysayers — cynics in the media, jaded pundits, Republican trolls. But now’s the time for activists, not pundits. Texas Democrats will show we have the grit to fight and win, no matter the circumstances.

If 2017 was #MeToo, 2018 is “What’s Next?”

The anti-discrimination policies many institutions have in place are necessary, but not sufficient, to end harassment and abuse. Widespread sexual harassment has persisted even after decades of anti-harassment policy development, with particularly alarming prevalence among transgender and gender-nonconforming workers and students.

Changing NAFTA is a good idea. Ditching it isn’t.

Texans should stand against any efforts that would cripple our thriving trade with Mexico. Mexico is not only a great trade partner but a friend that helps enrich the lives of Texans in many other ways. NAFTA has been good for the state for over two decades and will continue to be positive for us in the years and decades ahead.

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