Ethical responsibility and pride in America

The mission of the Grannies was to travel to McAllen to shed light on the immigrant atrocities our current administration has created at the border. When children are caged in detention facilities that resemble concentration camps, when children are neglected and abused in these facilities, when their desperate parents are treated as criminals, in my book these are atrocities.

Include business in the property tax debate

Property tax reform has been the topic of much debate and proposed legislation. We believe the answer is not as simple as a one-size-fits-all cap on tax rate increases or revenue, mandatory rollback elections, or a sole focus on homeowner property tax to exclusion of all other tax policy.

Renewable energy subsidies are wrong for Texas

If we want to avoid the high energy prices seen in places like California and New York while enjoying supplies of reliable energy, subsidies won’t work. If we want our neighbors to live healthy lives, if we believe in an open, democratic political process, and if we believe in the prosperity provided by the free market, our current path of subsidizing renewable energy is the wrong one.

Recent court decisions on school finance provide lessons for Texas

Although the Legislature failed to pass school finance reform during the last legislative session, state lawmakers established the Texas Commission on Public School Finance to study the state’s school finance system and offer recommendations for reform. The commission’s recommendations will be stronger if it draws some lessons from recent court decisions in nearby states and bases its recommendations on sound educational research.

The Texas voting system needs immediate repair

Texas, we’ve got a problem — a serious problem. A large part of our election technology across Texas is past its recommended useful life of 10 years. On top of that, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security says Russia tried to hack our state's election infrastructure.

Public libraries offer a great return for Texas taxpayers

Even if you don’t personally visit the library and participate in these programs and services, public libraries are using your tax dollars in ways that benefit you. Texas public libraries generated $967 million in economic activity in 2015. I hope that you will take advantage of all public libraries have to offer, but even if you don’t, your community is a better place with a library in it.

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