• Cell phone records and the warrant requirement

    Phone data can be used to piece together the location and movement of a citizen. Using records in this way is the essence of what it means to search — to see and assemble together that which cannot be viewed or determined by normal observation — and to say otherwise is offensive to common sense. This is the sort of government action where a warrant supported by probable cause should normally be demanded.

  • A student looks at campus carry


    The dangers of allowing concealed carry on a college campus are simply too numerous, and I can no longer say I agree with it. Regardless of what the law says, no student should be constantly worrying that they are going to be bringing a #2 pencil to a gunfight.

  • The decline of Democratic influence in the Texas House: 2009-2017


    Centrist Republicans rule the roost in the Texas House. That has not changed since the 2009 coup that ousted Craddick. What has changed is the structure of legislative alliances. Between 2009 and 2014, the dominant alliance was between Democrats and centrist Republicans, with many movement conservative Republicans often finding bills they opposed passing over their objections.

Now, more than ever, we need clean cars

As we celebrate all the benefits from these five-year-old standards, we need to ensure that they are around for their 10th birthday. Automakers, the administration and Congress should be putting cars that burn too much gasoline in the rear-view mirror, instead of green-lighting attacks that endanger our health, use more oil and cost more for consumers.

Free speech under assault at Texas Southern University

It's a sad day for universities across Texas whenever bullies prevent speech and a variety of views from being presented. It’s even sadder when administrators of these universities silence free speech in order to appease disruptive extremists. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened on the campus of Texas Southern University earlier this week.

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