Keeping Big Brother at bay: Cruz vs. O’Rourke

Federal spying on Americans remains a clear public concern. The Pew Research Center reported in June 2018 that a clear majority of Americans felt Uncle Sam should not be targeting taxpayers for surveillance without real cause. So which candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Texas has done the most to protect Texans from illegal federal surveillance?

Texas is rural; rural is Texas.

In July 2017, a group of funders convened to consider how, working together, we might bring additional attention and resources to areas of rural Texas. The Texas Rural Funders Collaborative (TRFC) is made up of private foundations, community foundations and health-conversion foundations. We represent a variety of interests. But our shared belief is that the health of our state depends upon the success of all of its communities, and that urban and rural areas are inextricably linked.

For many families, Texas Medicaid works 

Health care may not be perfect. It can and should continue to improve. But Texas Medicaid is working, and our son, in his 20th year of life, and our family – which is stronger and more optimistic than ever – is a testament to that fact. 

Beto and Ted, Robert and Rafael

Texas politics can be better than schoolyard bullying and making fun of someone’s name. There are too many real policy issues to discuss to give into race baiting or using another’s name to imply that person is a race traitor.

Checking in: The state of Texas water

It’s easy to think that water comes straight from the sink and that it’ll keep flowing well into the future. But 1,000 to 1,200 people are moving to Texas each day — and none of them are bringing water with them. That means we all have an interest in brainstorming workable, long-term solutions, and creative conservation strategies can provide benefits across the board.

Texas: No country for young voters?

In the four general elections held so far this decade, Texas has consistently ranked in the bottom five among the 50 states in turning out its voting eligible population. And within the state, younger Texans have voted at a much lower rate than their elders.

Dallas County’s money-bail problem

Dallas County should follow the lead of other jurisdictions and refuse to jail anyone even for a day simply because they cannot pay money bond. We demand that our elected officials — prosecutors, county commissioners and judges — implement policies that end money bail immediately. We will not stop until we end money bail in Dallas.

Money bail is essential to criminal justice

There are certain criminal justice reforms we can all agree on, but the elimination of bail is not one of them. The bail system simply holds defendants accountable for showing up to their trial, so a judge or jury can determine their guilt or innocence — the backbone of our criminal justice system.

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