• Taking care of kids — not separating them

    The president’s order ending family separations is a good first step. But there will be more for our elected officials and everyday citizens to do. In the coming weeks, we will call on our neighbors and community members to participate in an advisory forum to lend their voices to help answer the question of where we go from here.

A Father’s Day tribute to Jack Ogg

Growing up with a father in Texas politics made for a unique childhood — from asking neighbors as a 7-year-old to “vote for my Dad” to hanging out at the Capitol during my college afternoons. I got an up-close view of the American democratic experience.

Just say no to a carbon tax

Ultimately, a carbon tax is based on flawed assumptions and carries high economic costs. Let’s not resort to a carbon tax that’s simply social engineering. Instead, the focus should be on reducing government barriers so entrepreneurs can innovate in order to continue cleaning the environment and increasing human flourishing in a way that makes energy more affordable for everyone.

Interfaith solidarity rising in Texas

Americans are joining alliances, non-profit organizations, churches, mosques, synagogues and other organizations that are proactively engaging each other across religious boundaries. Interfaith solidarity helps bring to life what we have in common and what we can learn from our differences.

What Republicans can learn from O’Rourke

All in all, O’Rourke has run an impressive campaign. Though his hard work ultimately may be for nothing, Texas Republicans can learn a lot from his campaign. Grassroots politics combined with skillful advertising can yield powerful results, help voters make decisions and win support for years to come.

Raising “upstanders," not bystanders

If we can train our students to survive gun violence, surely it is our job to ensure they survive each other. The only way to make this happen is to change classroom culture, raise upstanders instead of bystanders and maintain spaces that are safe, where cruelty is noticed and not tolerated.

The gap in Whole Foods’ sustainability standards

Many people don’t realize that agriculture has become a major source of water pollution, because they don’t realize that farming has been almost completely transformed by corporate agribusiness over the past few decades. Small family farms have given way to industrial-scale operations that sell their grain and livestock to huge corporations. However, industrial-scale farming produces industrial-scale pollution.

Second languages give Texas students clear advantages

The earlier students begin bilingual instruction, the greater their proficiency in the second language. The sooner we start encouraging second language acquisition in our kids and implement policies in our school districts to increase the number of students who receive a bilingual primary education, the more Texans with this prized competitive edge we’ll sent into the markets, schools and social world of tomorrow.

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