• The right to vote is a fundamental political right

    Making it harder for young people and people of color to vote — constituencies that have trended towards the Democrats in recent years — is part of a larger strategy to consolidate power and disenfranchise those who would oppose Republicans. We’ve seen the results of that strategy right here in Texas.

  • The life of Sandra Bland embodied in legislation


    This bill now has no recognition of non-jailable offenses or pre-textual stops — where a person stopped for one thing is detained, charged or arrested for another. This version of the bill did not represent the cause for organizing in the name of Sandra Bland. It does not reflect how Sandra Bland became #SandyStillSpeaks.

School finance is dead. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick administered the poison.

House Bill 21 may not have been perfect, but it did provide significant additional funding to help schools through the next biennium until the system could, hopefully, be “upended”, as suggested by the state Supreme Court. But in the hands of the Senate and Lt. Gov. Patrick, it became nothing more than a vehicle for passing school vouchers, a major political item on Patrick’s “to do” list this session.

UT needs to cut the polluting

Hundreds of companies lease land from UT to drill for oil and gas. Managed by University Lands — which has a similar arrangement with the Texas A&M System — these 2 million acres of UT lands are home to more than 9,000 oil and gas wells. This land, and the oil and gas that’s extracted from it, generates millions of dollars of revenue for the UT System. But in addition to revenue, oil and gas production also produces significant emissions of a powerful climate pollutant: methane.

Don't increase the hassle factor of Medicaid medicines

Physicians and patients need a transparent process for determining which drugs are covered by the state’s Medicaid Vendor Drug program and ultimately, who is making the decision as to what is best for the patient. The health care community treating patients and the patients affected should be able to provide feedback on why certain medications should be accessible.

Reagan might oppose Trump's tax guidelines

Reinventing the wheel on tax reform can be avoided by President Trump if the same tax rates are applied to small business income, dividends, and capital gains. President Reagan and Congress already provided a good blueprint with the research, thought, and compromise that accompanied passage of the Tax Reform Act of 1986.

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