STAAR shouldn’t be the basis for Texas school accountability

Texas’s test-addicted accountability systems are incapable of achieving their policy goals — not because tests are bad, but because they were not designed to do what has been asked of them. Texas deserves an accountability system that places student need at the center of the work. What we have in front of us is the first opportunity in a great while to do just that. 

How the Texas Legislature can fulfill "our promise to patients" this session

Texas consumers increasingly have their access to emergency medical care delayed or altogether thwarted, and their coverage for legitimate care denied. After witnessing this alarming trend, Texas’ freestanding emergency room community is taking action to better protect and inform patients and their families.

Post-Harvey survey shows that mental health problems are pervasive

Leading health systems have already shown we can dramatically reduce rates of infectious disease and beat back the ravages of cancer. Similarly, with the support of state leaders, our medical leaders can provide Texas with proven treatments beyond just medication to help children heal from emotional wounds. Texas families and children deserve no less.

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