Clarifying terminology crucial in transgender debate

When people disagree, as we inevitably will, we can at least achieve greater understanding on all sides — liberal defenders of the transgender movement, conservative critics of those policies, and radical feminist critics of patriarchy — when we define terms the same way.

Stop making hatred a political issue

Rather than remaining preoccupied with whether President Trump is to blame for the problem of rising incidents of anti-Semitism and racism, let’s move beyond partisanship and  emphasize that hatred — and finding ways to ameliorate it — should not be about politics.

To Texas Democrats: Choices have consequences

Texas Democrats who support Dennis Bonnen for Speaker of the House have lost sight of what the immigrant community and people of color who supported them need and want. We need politicians who will not apologize for our existence, who will stand with our values.

Let’s make Texas the ‘third coast’ for biotech

Texas has made a name for itself in biotech by supporting premier academic medical centers, attracting research funding and welcoming investment by major pharmaceutical companies. Now it is time to take the next step with a smart state investment in biomedical research, paving the way for Texas to become a major hub in the vibrant biotechnology industry.

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