• Bail reform should not be derailed

    The cash bail system is outdated, discriminates against people without financial resources and fails to improve public safety. Momentum to eliminate cash bail in Harris County has been building for several years, but recent local attempts to undermine reform efforts and misrepresent reality threaten to derail one of the most important changes to Houston’s criminal justice system in decades.

  • Loyalty to country and party in tax reform

    How disheartening it is for an old Marine to see this seeming lack of loyalty to our country in the passage of recent tax bills. Loyalty to party seems to prevail over consideration of our nation’s best interest. Congress should observe priorities and loyalties to country and to political party, in that order.

Katy ISD is missing out on a teachable moment

Providing teenagers with books that serve as both mirrors of themselves and windows to the outside world, as educator and scholar R.S. Bishop advocated for nearly two decades ago, is vital to their understanding of themselves and others in a world that is constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex. Katy ISD, by taking a book off the shelves, is missing a chance to do that.

Weakening standards for who can carry a loaded gun is a dangerous idea

I’m a fifth-generation Texan. I grew up around guns, and my kids are growing up around guns. As I was exposed to guns, I was taught about the power firearms have to take lives, and how paramount firearm safety truly is. Part of being a responsible gun owner is making sure that people who pose a danger to our communities aren’t allowed to carry hidden, loaded guns across our state.

Climate change is happening

Climate change is happening. Anyone who wants to debate it can go sit in the corner with the flat earth society. Larger, more destructive storms are coming, and it’s only going to get worse. Harvey was our wake-up call.

Setting the record straight on drug discounts

At a time when drugmakers are charging record prices for their products and jacking up prices on cancer drugs and other lifesaving treatments, 340B is one of the only consumer protection laws on the books. That’s why, in Texas, 141 hospitals participate in 340B and their patients benefit every day.

The "other" wall Texas is building — around teen moms

It’s high time we equip adolescent girls — particularly vulnerable and parenting youth — with the right to make decisions over their own bodies, just as they can for their own children. Adolescents can access contraceptive services without parental consent in 32 states, and an additional 14 states grant these rights to parenting teens, but not to all adolescents.

Tax reform efforts show Republicans working to keep promises

Every Texan — and every American — will benefit from the leadership that our president and the Texas Republicans in Congress have shown in this fight. Their willingness to work to fulfill these campaign promises is refreshing. I eagerly anticipate the results of their efforts: an even more successful economy and a brighter future for Texas and the Republican Party.

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