Land trusts preserve Texas for future generations

Texas’ diverse landscapes shape our cultural identity and traditions and enhance our lives. Our beautiful rivers and lakes, tall grass prairies, rugged mountains, eastern forests, Gulf Coast beaches and rolling Texas hills reflect our regional personalities, our community values and our family traditions. But personality and that special Texas character aren’t all that our natural lands have given us.

Land and water conservation are essential to a healthy Texas. Our lands protect our water supply, provide habitat for our fish and wildlife, preserve our agricultural heritage and improve our quality of life. Without those wide open spaces to experience and enjoy, Texas just wouldn’t be Texas.

Thankfully, there are nonprofit organizations whose purpose is land and water conservation. Texas land trusts conserve natural areas, waterways, and agricultural lands — working in partnership with private landowners and citizens just like you — to preserve Texas for future generations.

Texas land trusts work to conserve Texas’ special lands and waters by permanently protecting them from development for the benefit of the people, economy, and wildlife of our state. By protecting these lands, land trusts help ensure that every Texan has access to clean water, the freedom and peace granted by natural areas, and the opportunity to be physically connected to our natural and cultural heritage.

In short, conserving land protects our drinking water and our wildlife and helps keeps Texas, Texas. Texas Land Trusts have helped to permanently protect over 1.6 million acres of land and water in the Lone Star State. With your help, we can do even more to preserve the lands we call home and the water we depend on.

This holiday season, won’t you do your part to help conserve Texas land? Join us by making a tax-deductible, yearend donation to support Texas land trusts and our collective efforts to protect the lands and waters that give Texans so much.

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The Texas Land Trust Council is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that builds and supports a strong, active coalition to serve as a powerful voice for conservation in Texas to protect drinking water, Texas' iconic wildlife and our rich natural and cultural heritage. Together, we ensure that the Texas landscape — rich in history, natural resources, breathtaking views and recreational opportunities — can be left intact for all of us today and for the future.

Lori Olson, Texas Land Trust Council

Lori Olson is executive director of the Texas Land Trust Council.