A pro-choice vote for Andrew White

Photo by Marjorie Kamys Cotera

As a long-time supporter of women’s rights, I strongly support Andrew White to be our next governor. He will work to create opportunities for all Texans by focusing on common-sense ideas. This includes repairing the damage Republicans have done to women’s healthcare access.

I have known Andrew and his family since his father was governor in the 1980’s and know well their commitment to faith, equality and justice. I recently spoke to Andrew about his bid for governor. We discussed our shared values of fairness and opportunity for all Texans. We also talked about his commitment to protecting women’s health care.

I asked specific questions about what he plans to do for women’s health when he is governor. Andrew is a pro-choice Democrat who supports fully funding Planned Parenthood. He will veto any bill that interferes with a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions. He will veto any bill that restricts access to reproductive healthcare including abortion.

Andrew will fight to reopen the healthcare facilities that were shut down over the past few years. He will expand medical services to help women live healthy lives, including free or low-cost contraception and cancer screenings.

Andrew will work to fund access to comprehensive sex education across the state because he believes our young people deserve to know the facts, free of political ideology. That’s just common sense.

Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate in the country, and Andrew has pledged to work with the medical community to reverse this devastating trend. It just makes sense to expand prenatal and postnatal care and front line medical services for pregnant women. When a pregnant woman in Texas needs help to take care of herself and her growing family, she should be able to turn to social services for help.

Friends and former colleagues who know Andrew agree that he is a fighter, he is genuine and he is thoughtful. He believes in treating people right. His message of bringing sanity and common sense back to Texas certainly rings true.

I am confident when Andrew is governor of Texas, he will fight to make certain that Texas women receive excellent healthcare. This is why I am voting for Andrew White.