Walmart is helping me earn my bachelor’s degree

With 595 retail and distribution center locations and nearly 165,000 associates, Walmart is the largest private employer in the state of Texas. This large workforce includes associates at every educational level, all of whom, like our customers, want to save money and live better. I am one of those associates, and through its Live Better U Program, Walmart has made it possible for me to take another step forward in my educational journey.

Live Better U was created for associates like me, who want to advance their education while also balancing the demands of work and family. Not only am I a married mother of four, I am also one of the approximately 300,000 associates who have worked with Walmart for more than 10 years. I was recently promoted to assistant store manager. 

I earned my associate degree years ago and have always wanted to complete the courses necessary to obtain my bachelor’s degree.  However, the expense and time required to re-enroll and attend classes seemed impossible. There are hardly enough hours in the day for me to work full-time and raise my family, so driving to and from a college campus every night in Dallas traffic was just not an option.

“Live Better U” has completely removed those barriers.

As hard as it was to believe when I first heard it, under the program, associates are responsible for paying just $1 per day for all tuition, fees and books. There’s no catch. Walmart picks up the rest. This is a tremendous opportunity for someone like me, who is still paying off previous student loans and has no interest in adding to that financial burden.

I enrolled in Bellevue University in September 2018 to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Leadership. Other Walmart associates are pursuing degrees in Supply Chain Management and Business Administration offered by the University of Florida and Brandman University. All courses are available online, providing the convenience my schedule requires. I have also developed relationships with other Walmart associates pursuing their degrees from around the country who, like me, are working towards goals they never thought possible.

Thanks to college credit I had previously earned for completing training at Walmart Academies, I expect to earn my bachelor’s degree in less than two years. Whether at Walmart or elsewhere, I am confident this achievement will lead to greater professional opportunities and a more successful career. The same can be said for associates seeking high school diplomas, college prep or learning a new language through the program.

As a mother, I want to show my children they should never stop learning and never give up on their dreams.  Walmart’s Better Life U has given me that opportunity.