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Carroll Robinson


Carroll G. Robinson has taught constitutional law and served as general counsel of the Texas Democratic Party. He is a past president of the Houston Lawyers Association, has served on the board of the State Bar of Texas and is a former chairman of the African American Lawyers Section of the State Bar.

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A speech Texas Democrats would love to hear

This proposed draft announcement speech for a 2018 Democratic candidate for governor of Texas is the kind of speech and candidate Democrats need and are hoping and looking for in 2018. As FDR once said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Texas Democrats, let's not be afraid to fight for change and progress to move our state and nation forward. What do you think? Who will say it?

It's time for Democrats to win again

Next year, Democrats need a successful entrepreneur running for governor to lead the ticket and carry a message that the lifelong government employees seeking statewide office on the Republican ticket don't have the ability or vision to lead Texas into the future.