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Remembering a “regular guy”

President Bush was different than most dignitaries I met. Although they were cordial, not all were friendly, as though they were better than everyone else. President Bush, (and First Lady Barbara Bush) was the exception.

Clarifying terminology crucial in transgender debate

When people disagree, as we inevitably will, we can at least achieve greater understanding on all sides — liberal defenders of the transgender movement, conservative critics of those policies, and radical feminist critics of patriarchy — when we define terms the same way.

African American survivors are invisible in plain sight

Where’s my face? I’m searching for my reflection or the echo of my story, but to my dismay I’m considered a ghost and mute. My complexion has cast a shadow before me again.  The black story has been lost in translation at a museum dedicated to survivors of modern-day slavery, survivors like myself. And the truth is they don’t even see me. 

Y’all, we need a divorce.

Our marriage to Texas has gotten old. New Mexico is younger and more attractive. We would not be ignored, especially because we would be their largest city. Grant us a divorce and we won’t even request the back support. If there are any El Pasoans who think we need a wall to protect us, take ‘em. You can have custody and everyone will be better off.

No small thing: Rethinking overdue library fines 

Policy changes to overdue fines might be a small gesture, but changes like these will have an incredible impact on how libraries are able to reach out to underserved pockets in their local communities and connect residents with quality information and resources. And of course, to connect residents with the latest best-sellers too.