Why me and not Abbott or Davis

If you love liberty, Texas and the Constitution, I am not just another choice for Texas governor. I am your only choice.

To resist an increasingly tyrannical and broken federal government, we must chart a new course away from Washington and outside the corrupt two-party system — corrupted by special interests. Greg Abbott is part of the cronyism that is the problem and is not part of the solution. And Wendy Davis is no better. She serves the toll road special interests.

The time will soon come when Washington is not just broken but totally collapsed. When that day arrives, Texas will be forced to do without things we rely on from the federal government — like over one-third of our state budget. Texas will have no choice but to stand on its own two feet, as we should have done all along. Only I have the vision of what is coming, a plan for how to defeat this tyranny and the guts to see it through.

My plan for Texas independence (not secession) will prepare Texas for hard times ahead. 

Only I will:

  • Nullify unconstitutional federal acts. The Environmental Protection Agency, Obamacare, National Security Agency spying, land grabs by the Bureau of Land Management — it’s a target-rich environment. Abbott thinks filing a lawsuit is standing up to the federal government. If that’s a winning strategy, why are we in this mess? Don’t sue the buzzards — arrest them.
  • Restore fiscal sanity. Aggressively use the line-item veto. Replace or do without the over one-third of our budget we get from D.C. Promote sound money before the dollar collapses. Send the Texas Rangers to get our gold from New York. Slash state spending by 50 percent and cut taxes proportionally (putting us where we were when Rick Perry took office). End property taxes and franchise taxes and resist the calls for a state income tax. Opt out of Medicaid. No taxpayer-funded services for non-citizens.
  • Defend property rights. Defeat BLM land grabs. End eminent domain. No toll road boondoggles, public-private partnerships and other forms of cronyism. Resist any effort to disarm Texans. Defend water rights from theft by federal, international, state or local authorities, commissions, boards or private entities. Both Abbott and Davis supported Proposition 6, which gives control of a new $2 billion water fund to a three-person board appointed by — you guessed it — the governor. I coined the phrase “Nix Prop 6.”
  • Restore Texas sovereignty. Act like the free and independent state we are under the Texas and federal constitutions. Use a revitalized Texas State Guard, under total control of the governor, to secure our border, provide disaster relief and anything else a state militia must be ready to do in today’s world. As in times past, design a made-for-Texas guest-worker program that requires an agreement to refuse taxpayer-funded services. Protect our Texas electrical grid from interference and harm, and secure our civil liberties by forbidding its use by the NSA spy center in San Antonio.

My approach is what Texas needs to survive and thrive when the hard times come. Ronald Reagan said America is freedom’s last stand. I say Texas is America’s last stand. Only Texas has what it takes to oppose this federal tyranny — if we have the right governor. If you love liberty, the Texas governor is the most powerful office on the planet. That the other two don’t see it that way proves that neither he nor she should hold the office.

But can I win? It’s a long shot, but the only shot we have. If I don’t win, it doesn’t matter who does because Texas and liberty will die with Abbott or Davis as governor. Consider this: In a competitive three-way race, it only takes 34 percent to win. I think one-third of Texas voters are ready to do again what Texans have done before: face down a federal tyrant, and change the course of history.

Kathie Glass

Libertarian candidate for governor