July 4th in Moscow

Fireworks light the sky over the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral during the New Year's Day celebrations in central Moscow, Russia January 1, 2018. Photo by REUTERS/Tatyana Makeyeva

Lawmakers like to be near home
to celebrate the Fourth,
what with all the parades and picnics —
politicking too, of course.

Naturally there are speeches —
and some pontificate
amidst brass bands, barbecues,
and close calls at home plate.

And so we're all a bit surprised
(though I really don't care, do u?)
to read that certain Senators
are planning to eschew

a standard Fourth of shaking hands
at the local park
to celebrate with Vladimir Putin
and his oligarchs.

Well it's Shelby, Kennedy, Hoeven, Daines
and some lesser lights
along with crazy-eyed John Bolton
who are boarding flights

to jet off to a foreign land
that today stands accused
of fiddling with our elections
so someone couldn't lose.

Not to mention all the poisonings,
Syria, Ukraine,
and a host of other villainies
brief verses can't contain.

So let's remind these Senators
what we stand for here —
we're for liberty for all;
let tyrants quake in fear.

We don't party down with dictators
to mark this holiday.
If you want to barbecue in Moscow
maybe you should stay.

They'll probably give you a dacha,
a nice write-up in Pravda,
and a hamburger and a vodka
on Independence Day.