The cloud your datacenter always wanted

Enterprises today are shifting from building IT infrastructure to consuming infrastructure by moving to a cloud-first model. Customers like the flexibility, agility and economics of using the public cloud, but are finding out that the public cloud is just one end of an increasingly varied workload continuum that they need to operate within their digital transformation journey. As a result, customers are searching for an effective hybrid cloud approach that supports application execution across this more complex and diverse workload environment. 

To facilitate a hybrid cloud operational strategy, IBM offers cloud solutions such as IBM Cloud Private Storage, a storage as service solution. IBM Cloud Private Storage facilitates hybrid cloud by providing single-tenant storage clouds for traditional, on-premises environments and IBM Cloud workloads. 

IBM Cloud Private Storage can ease the transition to a more agile, hybrid cloud environment by managing the storage infrastructure to transform legacy, on-premises IT storage environments. With IBM Cloud Private Storage on premises, IT can renew applications through the use of a storage cloud model to support data requirements.

In addition, IBM Cloud Private Storage offers storage for performance or data sensitive workloads on IBM Cloud. This storage can be used to support cloud-based applications that take advantage of the performance and security of enterprise class storage while running in the IBM Cloud. Moreover, for both traditional, on-premises and IBM Cloud environments, IBM Cloud Private Storage provides a no-capital expense (Capex), an operating expense (Opex) financial model that can make it more financially feasible for IT to implement cloud operations.

With IBM Cloud Private Storage, customers can now more easily support a true hybrid cloud strategy for applications and workloads by using single-tenant storage across their premises, data centers and IBM Cloud. This translates to a customer-exclusive, dedicated storage as a service infrastructure owned and managed by IBM.

In a recent study, Analyst firm, Evaluator Group did an economic comparison of IBM’s Cloud Private Storage to a traditional storage acquisition model and concluded that IBM’s CPS can offer significant savings over a five-year period vs a traditional storage system purchase.