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David Nelson

Former tax partner, Ernst & Young

David Nelson is a former tax partner with Ernst & Young and has served as a consultant to a number of major nonprofit organizations in Texas. He served as a Marine Corps officer for three years during the Vietnam era.

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Loyalty to country and party in tax reform

How disheartening it is for an old Marine to see this seeming lack of loyalty to our country in the passage of recent tax bills. Loyalty to party seems to prevail over consideration of our nation’s best interest. Congress should observe priorities and loyalties to country and to political party, in that order.

Reagan might oppose Trump's tax guidelines

Reinventing the wheel on tax reform can be avoided by President Trump if the same tax rates are applied to small business income, dividends, and capital gains. President Reagan and Congress already provided a good blueprint with the research, thought, and compromise that accompanied passage of the Tax Reform Act of 1986.