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David Simpson

Former state representative


David Simpson is a former state representative from Longview, manages his family’s land and timber operations in East Texas.

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On issues like guns and marijuana, prohibition fails where faith succeeds

Classical conservatism and liberalism need one another. Without the freedom to do what is right (and wrong), there is nothing to conserve. Without virtue and a common commitment to order, freedom is quickly lost. However, hubris is the downfall of both conservatives and liberals. Hubris makes it is easy to forget our own depravity and idolize power in our own hands, but hard not to stop it in others.

Acts of war and the limits on presidential power

Our founders were both realists and idealists. They knew the terrors of war and prepared for its eventuality. They also believed the decision to commence war, or even engage in potentially provocative and aggressive offensive military action, was too terrible and momentous to entrust to one or even a select group of elected officials.