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Hilda Loria

Hilda Loria, pediatrician

Dr. Hilda Loria is a board-certified pediatrician in Dallas, Texas. Her clinical and research interests focus on the care of vulnerable child populations and the impact of childhood adversity on health outcomes.

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We are better than this

We can still change the trajectory for the thousands of vulnerable immigrant children being apprehended at the border. Children should not be separated from their parents, and they should not be subjected to living in prison-like settings.

We are failing our immigrant children

As Texans, we are failing our immigrant children. Senate Bill 4, the anti-sanctuary cities bill signed into law this past session, places a burden on law enforcement officers to act as immigration agents. Similar to show-me-your-papers bills that were passed in Arizona and Alabama, SB 4 jeopardizes the trust between law enforcement and community members, instills fear and anxiety in children and their families, and is likely to have detrimental effects on the economic prosperity of our state.