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James Dickey

Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

James Dickey is Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, elected in June 2017. Previously he served as Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party. He is also the co-founder and COO of the insurance managing general agency iMGA.

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Upholding our right to self-defense

The countless lawful gun owners of Texas are passionate about defending their rights, and we know that there will be constant attacks from the left to limit them. We will continue to reject that narrative and to work alongside our elected officials to pursue policies that increase safety by respecting liberty.

Tax reform efforts show Republicans working to keep promises

Every Texan — and every American — will benefit from the leadership that our president and the Texas Republicans in Congress have shown in this fight. Their willingness to work to fulfill these campaign promises is refreshing. I eagerly anticipate the results of their efforts: an even more successful economy and a brighter future for Texas and the Republican Party.

Republican Party platform and Texans win during special session

With the spotlight now clearly on the platform goals and the need for the Legislature to make those a reality, we can and should expect much greater results in the next legislative session on unresolved issues. I am proud of the engaging role the party played during this special session and am grateful to all the Texas Republicans who fought hard for the principles of liberty and limited government in order to make Texas an even better place for everyone.