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Jason Villalba

State representative, R-Dallas


Jason Villalba, a Republican, represents Dallas in the Texas House. He was elected in 2012 and serves on the Business & Industry and Economic & Small Business Development committees.

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Celebrity and Texas politics

For Democrats, who will certainly enjoy the fruits of this most recent harvest, it would be wise to tread cautiously into the next election cycle; they will not always have Superman on the ballot and a $70 million to fuel the effort.

We lawmakers didn’t do enough for average Texans

Sometimes I wonder if the august body of the Texas Legislature remains true to the Reagan ethos of servant leadership. Where is the humanity? Where is the compassion for the least among us? Can the blind ideology of libertarianism adequately address the pain and suffering of our fellow Texans? This session, it seems as though some members have chosen fealty to an unseen, nihilistic special interest over the lives of those who they were sent here to represent.