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Katy Caldwell

CEO, Legacy Community Health

Katy Caldwell is CEO of Legacy Community Health, a not-for-profit community health center providing preventive and primary health care to underserved communities.

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Finally, a health care model that drives down costs. Don’t break it.

Everyone knows the costs of the American health care system are epically high. But health centers keep costs down, saving the system $24 billion per year by keeping people out of costly emergency rooms for things like an earache or cold. But a rash of policy decisions coming out of Washington this year won't retain or improve health centers' delivery model. 

Texas' new frontier for HIV/AIDS

As we commemorate World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, our hope is health care providers, the public and policymakers in Texas realize the virus is still invading neighborhoods at astonishing rates, often so silently that increasing numbers of youth don't realize they are living with HIV.