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Ken Janda

CEO of Community Health Choice


Ken Janda is the CEO of Community Health Choice, a nonprofit HMO that serves Medicaid and CHIP enrollees in Southeast Texas and is part of the Harris Health System, the public hospital system in Harris County. He also teaches health care management at Rice University's Jones School of Business.

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Texans deserve better than the Better Care Reconciliation Act

The revised BCRA is basically the same harmful bill with financial incentives for states like Alaska. Simply capping the amount the Feds pay into Medicaid doesn’t solve the problem — it just dumps costs on the states and on county taxpayers. And the amendment proposed by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is an awkward mixture of proposals that either can’t work or don’t help.

Why aren't we talking about health care?

It was supposed to be the No. 1 election issue this year, but it quickly faded. With Ebola now dominating headlines, it’s time for a rational debate over what we should’ve been talking about all along: health coverage.