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Kevin Buckler

Associate dean, College of Public Service, University of Houston

Kevin Buckler is Associate Dean of the College of Public Service at the University of Houston–Downtown. He teaches in the Criminal Justice and Social Work Department, and studies criminal procedure and evidence. The views expressed here are his own and do not reflect those of the university.

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Cell phone records and the warrant requirement

Phone data can be used to piece together the location and movement of a citizen. Using records in this way is the essence of what it means to search — to see and assemble together that which cannot be viewed or determined by normal observation — and to say otherwise is offensive to common sense. This is the sort of government action where a warrant supported by probable cause should normally be demanded.

Distracted media missed the asset forfeiture issue

The primary impetus behind the use of asset forfeiture law is to cripple the capability of drug kingpins and criminal organizations — a very laudable objective. Yet because the state law is so broadly written, police and prosecutors have unfettered discretion in how the law is applied.