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Mike Collier

Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor


Mike Collier is a CPA, a former PwC partner, a senior advisor to Duff & Phelps and a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor in 2018. He was his party's nominee for Texas Comptroller in 2014, and is the author of "Out of Comptrol: A Converted Democrat’s Improbable Quest to Save Texas Politics."

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Texas’ property tax mess

By blowing holes in our revenue systems, and then borrowing billions and driving debt service costs up, the state has made a complete hash of our finances. We simply don’t have enough money to make ends meet. And the one place lawmakers always turn for more money is local property taxes.

What Rainy Day Fund?

Legislators frittered away the Rainy Day Fund long ago. Sure, it has a cash balance — according to the books, anyway. But that cash, amounting to roughly $10 billion, is offset by debt, amounting to roughly $50 billion.

Quarterly revenue forecasts make sense for Texas

Requiring the Comptroller's Office to update the state's revenue forecast every three months would be a tremendous improvement over the ancient method of predicting revenues at the start of each legislative session, baking a two-year budget around the numbers — and then not revising the forecast until after the governor has signed the budget and lawmakers have gone home.