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Special-needs children will be forgotten no longer

Texas should give its special-needs children an opportunity to receive the specialized care they deserve and to fulfill our state constitutional mandate. House Bill 1335 would give all special-needs students in Texas an alternative to the one-size-fits all public school system by establishing an innovative form of parental choice.

Texas can’t improve special education without data

There’s no state mandate to collect group academic data for kids who don’t take standardized tests. Data is a double-edged sword: the same data that shows areas for improvement also illuminates failures. There are legal remedies for failure; parents can take the district through “due process” and ultimately to court to insure their child’s access to an appropriate education is preserved.

Teacher preparation is critical in Texas classrooms

While policymakers are gathered for the 2017 Texas legislative session, a discussion about teacher preparation, which directly affects teacher retention, is of critical importance. To help students gain belief in themselves and the subjects they’re studying, teachers must be prepared to manage their classrooms and give all students the tools to access challenging material — especially students who have been let down in the past.

The Power of Partnership in Texas

McAllen holds some of the richest values and cultures in the country. But 25 years ago, it wasn’t the norm that someone would graduate from a high school in my hometown and head off to college and especially out of state — much less that they’d become a CEO one day.

A new entitlement program in Texas?

You might say a new entitlement program that could cost Texans up to $5 billion per year over the next 10 years couldn't be possible in Texas. You'd be wrong, because that's exactly what some special interests are trying to do with our education system.