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Ted Poe

Former U.S. Representative


Ted Poe, a Republican from Humble, served in Congress 2004-2018. He previously served for 22 years as a criminal court judge in Houston.

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Let judges handle bail, and keep Texas safer

Let the men and women we elect to administer justice decide how best to administer it. Don’t tie their hands by outsourcing that decision to an algorithm. And don’t ask them to make pretrial release decisions blindfolded, without the full picture of a criminal defendant’s background, as is the case currently.

Free trade supports the American economy and ingenuity

American citizens have a lot to lose if the U.S. withdraws from NAFTA. Instead, we must strive to strengthen and modernize this important agreement. Free trade has been a cornerstone of our economy’s success, and it is a philosophy that has proven time and again to be beneficial to our country and broader region. We would be wise to remember that.