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John Cornyn

U.S. senator, R-Texas


John Cornyn, a Republican, is the senior U.S. senator from Texas and the Senate majority whip. Previously, he served on the Texas Supreme Court and as the attorney general of Texas.

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Breaking the link between forced drug use and human trafficking

Although the PROTECT Act is just one more step forward in our battle, the strong support we’ve already received from victim advocates and law enforcement illustrates that people across this country will never tolerate incidents like the one in that San Antonio parking lot. The dangerous trafficking of human beings isn’t over — yet — but at least we’re fighting back.

Texans deserve better than Obamacare

Health care is a deeply personal issue, and the passion reflected by that is evident on all sides of the debate. But one thing is clear: doing nothing to stop Obamacare from continuing to hurt millions of families in Texas and around the country is simply not an option.

Nothing threatening about voter ID

The Justice Department says there's something sinister about requiring voters to prove their identity, even though Americans must do so before boarding an airplane, cashing a check — or visiting the Justice Department headquarters.