Why me and not Wayne Christian

Photo by Joe Vig

Would you let an untrained layperson perform open-heart surgery on you? Would you fly with someone who had never piloted a plane? The obvious answer is no. So why would Texans trust someone with zero oil and gas experience to oversee that industry?

The experience and technical expertise I’ve acquired throughout my career in oil and gas make me well suited to serve. I earned an engineering degree from Texas A&M University and have worked in the energy industry my entire professional career. If elected, I’ll be the first engineer to serve on the Railroad Commission in over 50 years.

Oil and gas production is fueling the Texas economy. It’s creating jobs, opportunity, wealth and security. Every single Texan is benefiting in some way from the booming industry — and America is benefiting as well. As your next railroad commissioner, I want to ensure that we continue to maximize production and develop strategies to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. For the first time in generations, Texas has the chance to lead America to energy independence, but it’s going to take bold leadership. I’m the only person in the race with the experience, vision and passion to make energy independence a reality.

I’ve lived the Texas dream, and I want every Texan to have that opportunity. In 2006 my wife and I started an energy engineering and technology company out of our house that now employs more than 300 people. We do business in energy markets around the world. My work has taken me to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and I can tell you that no one does a better job producing energy than folks right here in the great state of Texas. 

In spite of a barrage of unfounded personal attacks from my opponent, I’ve run a positive campaign focused on my qualifications, experience and goals. I’ve pointed out that my opponent, Wayne Christian, proposed green-energy mandates that would have subsidized a wood-burning power plant and cost every ratepayer more money. In fact, Austin Energy tried Christian’s model of energy production, and customers were left with significantly higher rates and an idling plant. That’s bad energy policy. 

As railroad commissioner, I’ll focus every day on solving the big challenges facing our energy industry. We need to figure out how to encourage private investment in transmission and refining facilities. We need to vigilantly and vigorously push back against federal regulators that are interfering with our energy production. We need a long-term energy policy to meet the needs of our rapidly growing population. We need the Railroad Commission to keep up with the technological advances in the industry and revamp rules to ensure that they make sense for our state’s most important industry. We need competent and qualified leadership on the Railroad Commission.

I’m not a career politician, and I don’t want to be one. I’m not running to boost my retirement or because I need a job. I’m running to make sure that the Railroad Commission has leaders with expertise who will make the right decisions for Texas’ energy future.

Let’s not hop on the plane with the guy who’s never flown before and cross our fingers that we arrive at our destination safely.     

Ryan Sitton

Republican candidate for railroad commissioner