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Jim Keffer

Former state representative

Jim Keffer is a former state representative. He is currently a lobbyist for the Texas Association of Business and a member of the Center for Public Policy Priorities board of directors. He lives in Eastland, Texas.

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Texas benefits from investing in safe pipelines

Texas has always led the nation in oil and gas innovation. We must use all the sensible tools within reach to maximize our abilities to safely and efficiently move our energy resources to consumer markets in the U.S. and to our allies around the globe.

Less talk, more action on school finance

The Texas Commission on Public School Finance is a good start, but we can’t fix our school finance system by continuing to study it to death. We need bipartisan support to tackle the challenges we face in funding our schools and making long-overdue investments in public education.

Hiding a real problem behind a bogus property tax reform

The Senate’s proposal to limit cities and counties from raising the funds they need to pay police officers, firefighters and paramedics is a bad idea. Senate Bill 1, as this proposal is called in this special legislative session, would also threaten local funding for health care, parks and libraries. Fund public education and the rest will take care of itself.