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Matt Krause

State representative, R-Fort Worth


Matt Krause is currently serving his third term as a state representative. House District 93 is located in Tarrant County and consists of Fort Worth, Arlington, and a few surrounding cities.

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Patch the state budget for fragile kids

Unfortunately it takes a controversy like restoring cuts to the state’s acute therapy program to bring to light the negative effects of rapid growth in government healthcare programs and our failure to reform them. These factors are hurting Texas’ ability to care for the most vulnerable in our state.

Why I'm for Ted Cruz

During these perilous times, we need a leader who is courageous, consistent, passionate and principled. That leader is Ted Cruz.

A gross overreach in Houston

In today’s polarized society, it’s often hard to find areas of consensus. But thanks to the city of Houston's outlandish subpoenas of pastors' sermons, we’ve found something that we can all agree on.