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Russell Withers

General counsel and policy analyst, Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute

Russell Withers is general counsel and policy analyst at the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute, based in Austin.

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Despite critics’ concerns, more oversight of state agencies is a good thing

Gov. Greg Abbott's letter on administrative rules to agency heads does not indicate that his approval is required or that he might try to “veto” proposed rules, as some speculate. The face of the letter indicates that the governor’s office wants to be aware of what state agencies are doing with respect to rulemaking. To me, it looks a lot like he’s protecting the Legislature’s turf.

Medicaid managed care is still the right choice for Texas

What if the state could adopt a program with a decades-long track record of containing health care cost growth to rates four times lower than national averages, while improving clients’ quality of care? While that may sound too good to be true, Texas was one of the first states to embrace this initiative, known as Medicaid managed care.