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David DeMatthews

Associate professor, the University of Texas at Austin

Dr. David DeMatthews in an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Texas at Austin. He previously served as a high school social studies teacher, assistant principal, and central office administrator in Baltimore City Public Schools and the District of Columbia Public Schools.

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Public schools are no place for immigration enforcement

Distrust leads families to not send children to school, to volunteer or to interact with educators. Immigration enforcement in schools ultimately affects both citizen and undocumented families alike, as the increased likelihood of deportation and family separation forces an especially vulnerable population of children to deal with pervasive fear and uncertainty.

The state’s special education programs need a reboot

The Texas Education Agency and students in special education across the state cannot afford any more disruption and failure. It is time for the agency to capitalize on whatever assets and opportunities it has at its disposal, and do so in a transparent, community-engaged process that rebuilds trust and a shared commitment with families to best serve all students.

What El Paso children are asking about Trump

While many Americans living in Texas and across the country have concerns about the agenda of the incoming Trump administration, children living in El Paso and along the U.S.-Mexico border have perhaps the most pressing and heartbreaking questions one could imagine.