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Upholding our right to self-defense

The countless lawful gun owners of Texas are passionate about defending their rights, and we know that there will be constant attacks from the left to limit them. We will continue to reject that narrative and to work alongside our elected officials to pursue policies that increase safety by respecting liberty.

NAFTA is out of date. USMCA should be approved quickly.

From agriculture to manufacturing, Texas’ economic success depends on trade with international partners. Mexico and Canada are the state’s largest international trade partners, and the digital trade provisions in USMCA will help give the Texas economy a strong boost as we venture further into the 21st century. 

An open letter to John Cornyn

We know the gun violence epidemic in this country reaches far beyond the tragic mass shootings that we seem to be accepting as commonplace. Domestic violence, accidental shootings, children getting their hands on irresponsibly stored weapons and suicides are robbing us of our mothers, brothers, babies and our soul as a country. 

Anti-Latino hate is not new

Until now, perhaps the best-known incident of anti-Mexican violence was the Porvenir Massacre. On a January night in 1918, Texas Rangers shot and killed 15 Mexican men and boys in the Texas town of Porvenir, claiming without any proof that they had engaged in theft. More than a century later in El Paso, a man used the same racist tropes to massacre more than 20 innocent people.

Oh no, hordes on the border!

Immigration is our story of origin, the heroic journey taken by our forebears, including those of the First Nations, whose ancestors had to cross the Bering Straits land bridge to get here. Immigration enlists all of the energy, imagination, and most of all, the courage and determination of those who undertake it when their present circumstances fall short. 

The public should have a say before anyone cuts a pipeline through the Texas Hill Country

The folks of the Hill Country aren’t just advocating for their own land, they’re advocating for all of Texas. We all need protection from bad actors exploiting regulatory holes. It’s time for the Texas Legislature to step up and implement a public routing process for large transmission pipelines, and common-sense protections for our landowners, our communities and our environment.

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