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The cloud your datacenter always wanted

When it comes to building a cloud infrastructure, the options are endless, and time is limited. With the IBM Cloud Private Storage, clients enjoy access to their data both on- and off-premises in a dedicated hosted private storage cloud infrastructure. As an industry leader, IBM Cloud Private Storage comes with the confidence of increased security and cost effectiveness.

Laws against texting while driving save lives

New evidence from the Texas A&M School of Public Health indicates that texting-while-driving laws may avert the need for emergency treatment following motor vehicle crashes. Researchers found that states with primary texting bans on all drivers saw, on average, an 8 percent reduction in emergency department visits resulting from motor vehicle crashes.

Keep families together and treat immigrants humanely

At first glance, it appears to be a thinly veiled political talking point aimed at smearing the border and immigrants, a message in support of the president's re-election campaign theme. But in the end, the only truly bipartisan element of the resolution passed by the Texas Senate addressed the need to treat immigrants with compassion and humanity.

Protect college admission laws that reward merit, hard work

It is troubling to know that there are some who propose repealing the top 10 percent plan this legislative session. Repealing the program would limit academic and life opportunities for some of the most deserving Texas students. A repeal is simply inconsistent with our values as Texans and how we reward the people who demonstrate those values.

Heart attackers, tackling heart disease in Texas.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in Texas and the U.S., but thanks to an important discovery made at UT Southwestern Medical Center, it could one day be a thing of the past. The pioneering Dallas Heart Study launched by UT Southwestern geneticists Dr. Helen Hobbs and Dr. Jonathan Cohen yielded invaluable findings that led to a new class of drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors — the next generation of cholesterol-controlling medications.

Learn about the business of education

According to the Texas Education Agency, there are 1,246 school districts and charters with more than 3,000 campuses in Texas. These schools serve more than 5.4 million students. It is an enormous responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for these school children — a responsibility not taken lightly by the many people who care and are committed to public education.

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