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Modern laws for the fight against human trafficking

Human trafficking is a terrible and tragic industry, affecting every community across the country. Since 2012, the National Human Trafficking Hotline has seen yearly increases in reported cases, rising to 8,524 in 2017. Even so, this is a small fraction of the total estimated cases of human trafficking and exploitation that occur in our country every year.

Lost in a field

Now, on the 25th anniversary of the Waco Siege, agents admit horrible mistakes were made. They painfully lost some of their own. There is regret, a wish that someone had said “stop” to what agents call “go fever.” They wish they hadn’t played right into the hands of Koresh’s fateful prediction to followers that this fiery day would come.

Securing Texas’ water future, one lawn at a time

We need to act now to be prepared for the next drought — starting with putting less water on Texas lawns every day, not just during drought. Broad-scale adoption of outdoor watering ordinances could easily be considered a win-win-win, addressing landscape watering needs, the needs of cities and urban areas and the needs of the natural environment to sustain wildlife.

A veteran’s approach to America’s gun safety crisis

The facts are undeniable: The number of lives lost and families and communities terrorized by gun violence continues to rise. And yet the White House, Congress and both Republicans running for Congress in the state’s 21st Congressional District are conceding the fight, demanding that we accept our violent present as another “new normal.”

Access to fresh food is urgent

A food desert is described as an area without a grocery store within one mile. Popular mythology is that these areas are all low-income, high-crime communities. But there are other truths.

Free trade supports the American economy and ingenuity

American citizens have a lot to lose if the U.S. withdraws from NAFTA. Instead, we must strive to strengthen and modernize this important agreement. Free trade has been a cornerstone of our economy’s success, and it is a philosophy that has proven time and again to be beneficial to our country and broader region. We would be wise to remember that.

The STAAR reading test: Cruel and unusual punishment

On April 11, thousands of fifth graders across Texas will be subjected to a torture so cruel and unusual that the Texas Education Agency should be found guilty of a crime. What I’m referring to is a punishment known by an acronym that instills fear in the hearts of all teachers and students who hear it: STAAR.

Texas has led on prison reform, but we have more to do

Texas takes pride in being a state that is tough on crime, but we should also be proud of how we’ve made crime less tough on Texas taxpayers and police by reducing our prison population and cutting recidivism rates. Now it’s time to do even more to keep our streets safe and to give more Texans a second chance.

We must protect LGBTQ students

It’s time to design Texas schools to protect LGBTQ students, and to end the culture of silence that harms their health and wellbeing. It’s time for Texas to join the rest of the nation and stop condemning homosexuality as unacceptable and criminal. It’s time to repeal the No Promo Homo laws.

Access for disabled Americans shouldn't depend on written notices

Congress is about to weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act by putting the onus on disabled people file written notices of obstructing barriers to business owners. The law would be unfair because it restricts disabled people from enjoying the same rights as everyone else to go to a public place, by removing the business voluntary compliance incentive.

Don't politicize vaccines

People of all political stripes came together to stop polio in its tracks. In the past, Americans understood that critical life-saving tools like vaccines are a part of our national responsibility. Just as our soldiers are fully vaccinated before they go to war, we citizens on the home front have, in the past, done our part to protect the public health and national security.

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