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Hormone replacement therapy can save lives

Women, as well as medical school students, have been told for years that hormone replacement therapy is to be avoided. Period. Case closed. Very few have heard about the 2013 Sarell and Katz study that should have changed more minds by now. It’s past time for physicians, academics and the news media to right the wrongs of the past 16 years.

The crisis of belief

In a persistent cycle of chaos and uncertainty, the most valuable asset a campaign, candidate or government has is a constituent audience inclined to believe the truth.

A leadership master class

In 2015, after one of the most storied and accomplished military careers in memory, McRaven took on one of the most challenging and important jobs in Texas, chancellor of the University of Texas System. For the last 3 1/2 years, he has performed in a consistently outstanding manner.

Mother’s Day in Dilley

When we incarcerate mothers, we incarcerate their families, their dreams and their aspirations for a better life. Detention is not the solution, and we have taken it upon ourselves to help more people understand that.

Reduce crime by making mental health care accessible

Not every criminal is mentally ill, and not every person who suffers from a mental health issue is a criminal. However, one woman I know had a mental illness and became a criminal in the eyes of the law. Would she have become a criminal if adequate mental health services existed? Probably not.

Will Texas teachers walk out?

If you really appreciate teachers, please send us personal notes, because we really do treasure and save them, but also support us in our efforts. Happy, well-compensated teachers with reasonable class sizes and schedules make for better educational outcomes and a better future for all Texans.

Why we need more moms in office

I wish more moms experienced this type of tired inspiration that has become such a part of my life on the campaign trail. There aren’t nearly enough women like me running for office. There aren’t nearly enough women like me writing legislation for women like me in office.

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