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Ann Beeson

CEO, Center for Public Policy Priorities


Ann Beeson, CEO of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, joined the organization in 2013. A renowned social justice lawyer, Beeson was previously executive director of U.S. Programs at the Open Society Foundations, where she promoted human rights and justice nationwide. A proud Texan, she has embraced a wide range of innovative strategies to advance social change.

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With energy and ideas from first-time legislators and lots of newly engaged Texans, we're at the beginning of an exciting and critically important Texas legislative session. Now is the time for Texas to invest in our most valuable resource — our own people.

A Harvey civics lesson for Texas lawmakers

We will always count on the resilience of the Texas spirit in hard times. As Hurricane Harvey taught us, though, Texans must also be able to count on public infrastructure and investments — to help us recover from disasters and to ensure a prosperous future for all Texans.

Why the gender gap in Texas politics matters

The lack of female politicians in Texas isn’t just a symbolic problem. Female legislators from both parties are more likely to prioritize issues important to women and families, and that’s vital in a state where so many of them are struggling.