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Vance Ginn

Economist, Texas Public Policy Foundation


Vance Ginn, Ph.D., is director of the Center for Economic Prosperity and Senior Economist at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, an Austin-based conservative think tank which is part of the Conservative Texas Budget Coalition.

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Taxing Texans right out of their comfort food

It’s too late for Threadgill’s World Headquarters, Frank & Angie’s, and other small businesses so overburdened by taxes that they have to shut their doors. But can’t we agree that in a state in which armadillo boxer shorts are a unifying political statement that more freedom and more opportunity are worth taking bold steps?

Just say no to a carbon tax

Ultimately, a carbon tax is based on flawed assumptions and carries high economic costs. Let’s not resort to a carbon tax that’s simply social engineering. Instead, the focus should be on reducing government barriers so entrepreneurs can innovate in order to continue cleaning the environment and increasing human flourishing in a way that makes energy more affordable for everyone.

Texas model supports miraculous prosperity

There’s certainly room for improvement in Texas — the state should expand education freedom and structurally reform property taxes, for example — but overall the American Dream is alive and well here. Before people write-off the Texas model as some miracle based on oil and gas activity, they should do their homework.

Kill the margins tax

Given the potential for big economic benefits, Texas lawmakers would be wise to use every available dollar this year to fully repeal the state's business tax, also known as the margins tax.