Glenn Beck

TV and radio host

Jeff Beckley

Chair, Plano Chamber of Commerce

Ann Beeson

CEO, Center for Public Policy Priorities

Jill Bellinger

Research associate, Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health

Karen Bell

British Consul General, Houston

Richard Berman

President, Berman and Co.

Selisse Berry

CEO and founder, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

Thomas Berry

Stanford Law School student

Josh Berthume

Founder, Swash Labs and Rogue Metrics

Juli Berwald

Science writer

Paul Bettencourt

State senator, R-Houston

Anya Bidwell

Attorney, Institute for Justice

Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird is a Texas writer.

Brian Birdwell

State senator, R-Granbury

David Blackmon

Business consultant

Bobby Blanchard

Social media manager, The Texas Tribune

César Blanco

State Representative, District 76

Joshua Blank

Manager of polling and research at the Texas Politics Project

Michael Bloom

Manager of the Sustainability Practice for R. G. Miller Engineers, Inc.

Clay Boatright

Chairman, Texas IDD System Redesign Advisory Committee at HHSC

Nancy Bocskor

Director, Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy, Texas Woman’s University

C. Barton Bollfrass

CEO of Fathom Academy

Rachel Bono

Graduate, St. Edward's University

Julie Boom


Rod Bordelon

Commissioner of workers' compensation

Dennis Borel

Executive director of the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities

Thomas Bostick

SVP, environment sector, Intrexon

Glen D. Bottoms

Executive director of the American Conservative Center for Public Transportation

Vanessa Bouché

Assistant professor of political science, Texas Christian University

Jennifer Wyatt Bourgeois

Doctoral student, Texas Southern University

Jim Bradbury

Environmental lawyer

Tarren Bragdon

President and CEO, Foundation for Government Accountability

Dan Branch

State representative, R-Dallas

Jessica Brand

Legal director, Fair Punishment Project, Harvard Law School

Ike Brannon

Senior fellow, the Cato Institute

Patrick Bresette

Executive director, Children’s Defense Fund-Texas.

Adam Briggle

Vice president of the Denton Drilling Awareness Group

Amber Briggle

Mother and business owner

Dustin Brighton

VP, state government affairs, Internet Association

Loretta Brock

Houston parent

David R. Brockman

Adjunct lecturer at Southern Methodist University

Robert Brooks

Clinical psychologist, Harvard Medical School

Nicholas Broussard

Student, UT Austin's LBJ School of Public Affairs

Chris B. Brown

Houston City Controller

Jenn Brown

Executive director of Battleground Texas

Peter Bryn

Conservative Caucus lead, Citizen's Climate Lobby

Maggie Jo Buchanan

Women's health policy consultant

Kevin Buckler

Associate dean, College of Public Service, University of Houston

Robert Bullard

Dean of Texas Southern University's School of Public Affairs

Robert D. Bullard

Distinguished professor of urban planning and environmental policy, Texas Southern University

Dustin R. Burrows

State representative, R-Lubbock

Konni Burton

State senator, R-Colleyville

Christopher Busby

Public relations director for Log Cabin Republicans of Houston

Heather Busby

Executive director, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

George P. Bush

Texas Land Commissioner

William S. Bush

Associate professor, Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Darlene Byrne

President, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Juan Cabrera

Superintendent of the El Paso Independent School District

Briscoe Cain

Texas state representative

Gina Calanni

Democratic candidate, HD-132

Katy Caldwell

CEO, Legacy Community Health

Jacquelyn F. Callanen

Bexar County elections administrator

G. Ray Callas

Physician, trustee at Texas Medical Association

Donna Campbell

State senator, R-New Braunfels

Luis Campos

Attorney, Haynes and Boone

Andy Canales

Director, Center for Social Measurement and Evaluation, Children at Risk

Kevin Capitani

President, Pearson North America

Dr. Carlos J. Cardenas

President, Texas Medical Association

Nancy Cardenas

Associate director, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Bob Carey

Chief Advocacy Officer, Independence Fund

Dave Carney

Republican political consultant

Aaron N. Carpenter

Houston attorney, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

Stefani Carter

State representative, R-Dallas

Stephanie Carter

Organizer, Texas PIRG

Carlos M. Carvalho

Executive director, CEPA, University of Texas at Austin

Greg Casar

Member, Austin City Council

Captain J.R. “Rick” Casas, President

Texas State Pilots Association

Chris Casey

Veteran, student

Gabriela Castillo

Executive secretary, City of Dallas

Michelle Castillo

Youth civic education and engagement coordinator, Children’s Defense Fund

Danette Castle

CEO, Texas Council of Community Centers

Joaquin Castro

U.S. Representative, D-San Antonio

Julián Castro

Mayor of San Antonio

Lily Casura

Journalist; founder of Healing Combat Trauma

Lauren Caton

Student, researcher, University of California-Berkeley

Joanna Cattanach

Candidate, Texas House District 108

Bob Cavnar

Energy entrepreneur

Stephanie Cawthon

Associate professor, UT-Austin

Brett Cease

Regional coordinator, Citizens' Climate Lobby

Robert M. Ceresa

Assistant professor, Huston-Tillotson University

Maurice Chammah

Staff writer, The Marshall Project

Jim Chapman

Environmental activist

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