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Good policy is more than civic virtue

Contrary to the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and the presidential cabinet nominations that followed, qualifications matter. Public service may be a calling, but good policy is made from more than civic virtue. Leaders need training.

Dear Baylor: Your Students Deserve Better

By now, most Texans are familiar with the reports of Baylor University’s mishandling of sexual assaults in the past few years — the secrets, the lack of reports, the intimidation, the retaliation, the lawsuits — all at the expense of survivors. As a representative of a state coalition compromised of over 80 programs across Texas seeking to combat sexual violence, I find what Baylor did unacceptable and downright wrong.

The real story behind UT's tuition increase

If you were to believe the sound bites about tuition at public institutions in Texas, it would be easy to assume higher education is an unchecked behemoth that wastes money and wreaks havoc on students. While it is certainly true that there is room for improved efficiency, it is time to take a clear-eyed look at the facts.

It’s time to help Texas become a national research leader

Historically, accolades and attention for major scientific research have gone to the two coasts in the United States, with big-name universities on the East Coast and federal research labs on the West attracting the majority of research funding and resources. But Texas is now emerging as the Third Coast of scientific research and innovation

In wake of Oregon tragedy, gun control activists miss the point

The renewed campus carry debate at the University of Texas at Austin is just the latest example of the cognitive disconnect demonstrated by gun-control activists in Texas who have no problem seeing a movie at a theater, shopping at a mall or worshipping at a church that allows concealed carry — but are absolutely terrified of stepping into a classroom that does the same.

Let Powers stay

I implore anyone else with an ounce of burnt-orange pride to join me in resisting calls for University of Texas at Austin President Bill Powers' ouster. Support the man who has supported UT so well over the past eight years.

Powers must go

University of Texas at Austin President Bill Powers has been actively insubordinate on the job amid years of strife with the UT System. It's time for him to step aside.

Kill the grading curve

My work at the University of Texas at Austin has helped draw attention to why poor students struggle to graduate from college. But there's another reason why many students don't graduate: the grading curve. Let's get rid of it.